Wendat Blend
Wendat Blend
Wendat Blend
Wendat Blend

Wendat Blend

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Flavour profile: Inspired by the Laurentian forest, this lightly sweetened maple spice blend promises a cocktail of flavours inspiring the great outdoors. Coriander and cumin hint at vegetal aromas, enhanced by the subtle contribution of black spruce shoot, reminiscent of the smell of young spruce shoots in spring.

Wendat: They once occupied the estuary and the St. Lawrence Valley. Nowadays, the Wendat leave Wendake for the traditional moose hunting season: an important time when they perpetuate the thousand-year-old traditions of their ancestors.

Ideal with: moose, beef, pork, grilled vegetables;

  • Quebec maple sugar;
  • Prepared and packaged in Quebec by local artisans;
  • Size 60g.

Moose: Symbol of self-esteem that comes from the ability to recognize the wisdom we have shown in the face of a situation and for which we deserve recognition and praise.

Ingredients: Pure maple sugar, Spices, Sea salt, Mustard seeds, Spruce needles.

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