Abenakis Blend
Abenakis Blend
Abenakis Blend
Abenakis Blend
Abenakis Blend

Abenakis Blend

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Taste Profile: Inspired by the gentle shores of the St. Lawrence River, this blend offers a perfect balance of sweet and salty with a light floral and woody touch. The addition of rose petals and hibiscus flowers offers a boreal composition with invigorating aromas on a subtle note of larch needles reminiscent of the morning scent of the Laurentian forest.

Abenaki: The Abenaki Nation owes its name to the word Waban and Aki, which means "land of the rising sun" or "people of the land of the dawn". Abenaki culture is rich in oral histories, traditional teachings, art, drumming and dancing. It is also known for its basketry, masks and totems.

Wild Turkey: The wild species was considerably abundant before the arrival of the first settlers in America. It was an integral part of the diet of the native peoples of southern Quebec. The turkey, sometimes called the "earth eagle", has long been associated with spirituality and the veneration of Mother Earth. It is a symbol of virile power and maternal fertility.

Today, the Abenaki are present in Acadia, in the American states of Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire and in Quebec. In Quebec, they are mainly grouped in two distinct communities: Odanak and Wôlinak, located south of the St. Lawrence River, between Sorel and Trois-Rivières.

  • Prepared and packaged in Quebec by local artisans
  • Size 60g

Ingredients: Sugars (brown sugar, maple sugar), sea salt, spices, hibiscus, passion berries, rose petals.

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