Daniel Picard

For more than twenty years, he has traveled the Aboriginal territory of Quebec, giving him the privilege of having visited more than 35 communities with which he has been able to forge close ties. Through the filming of more than 150 television programs on Aboriginal tourism and the writing of a book, his most beautiful memories with the First Nations have always been the memories with the First Nations have always been the meals. A moment of sharing where everyone is always received as an honoured guest, the traditional Aboriginal meal takes us into the heart of the territory and allows us to discover a rich ancestral land full of flavours and conviviality!

His dream was to create a link that would unite the gastronomy of the native land while pleasing the non-natives. This is why, after years of research, development and as many flavors that invaded his kitchen, he launched the famous blend "Spices of the Warrior", in reference to the gatherers who face this great territory every day in search of unique flavors.

Patrice Dion

The ''Épices du Guerrier'' company was born from the fruits of a long friendship and a unique professional relationship between Daniel Picard and his co-founder, Patrice Dion.

Since the beginning, it is with pleasure and passion that he has given himself the mission, through the company and in his personal life, to share a culture that leads him to surpass himself every day and to better understand his own origins. This beautiful collaboration between non-native and native people is of great importance for the company, as it creates a link between two peoples who both have a lot to offer each other.