Wild mushroom salt
Wild mushroom salt
Wild mushroom salt
Wild mushroom salt

Wild mushroom salt

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Discover the flavours of the boreal forest with our new hand-picked wild mushroom salt. It's sure to replace your table salt!

Chanterelle: The world's most popular mushroom, it is found on every continent and in many different habitats. Very appreciated for its culinary qualities, the chanterelle has a fruity smell and its taste reminds some of orange or apricot.

Lobster mushroom: These mushrooms are not shaped like a lobster or a crab, nor do they taste like one! Instead, they get their name from their reddish-orange color, reminiscent of shellfish after cooking. Lobster mushrooms have a woody, nutty taste, reminiscent of matsutake, and a firm texture.

Sheep's foot: Recognizable thanks to its bumpy, fleshy and beige cap that can reach 15 centimeters, this mushroom likes to grow in humid undergrowth in late summer. In the kitchen, its crunchy flesh offers many possibilities and makes it possible to create recipes that are as healthy as they are delicious!

Ingredients: Chanterelle, lobster mushroom, sheep's foot and salt.

Size: 250g

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