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Fish 'n chips
Ideal for walleye, don't hesitate to make this recipe with your favorite white fish, like haddock or cod. In a shore lunch or in the comfort of your own kitchen, your guests will be asking for more!
Crab cakes of The Warrior with bacon pepper
A perfect recipe to enjoy the crab season! Our chef reinvented it by adding Bacon Pepper to the device and Traditional Blend to the breadcrumbs. All stuffed with cream cheese... Crispy, overflowing with freshness, you will ask for more!
Duck breast and oyster mushrooms
Recipe presented live on our Facebook page on March 17, 2022
Warrior's Taquitos
A perfect recipe to make with your family, your kids will love to roll them before putting them in the oven! For a party or to keep them all for yourself, you will love the taste of these little Mexican delights, enhanced with our spices and La Scorbut sauce. Ideal to prepare with the leftovers of our recipe "Spicy Roast Chicken of the Warrior".
Summer salmon tartar with dragon fruit
A recipe presented live on our Facebook page on February 25, 2022.
Simple, fresh, original and downright delicious, this salmon tartar will make you melt with happiness with every bite.
Warrior's chicken drumsticks
Simple, quick, but above all tasty, this recipe will allow you to add an Olé Olé touch to your weekday meals. These juicy chicken drumsticks will have you discovering an explosion of flavours and the spiciness of Tomahawk Mix in no time.
Warrior's spareribs
The barbecue is buried under the snow? No problem! This recipe for baked ribs is the perfect comfort food for those cold winter nights. Served as an appetizer or as a meal, our recipe for bite-sized ribs will give you tasty, well-lacquered meat that literally falls off the bone.
Warrior Cheese Sticks
No need to go to a restaurant, this recipe will allow you to enjoy the best cheese sticks in town! A perfect recipe to prepare with the kids, these cheese sticks are nothing like the ones at the market! With two breadings, Bacon Pepper and Traditional Blend, this appetizer will make you question everything you know about cheese sticks.
Tuna Tartar with Bacon Pepper
Make this delicious Bacon Pepper Tuna Tartar recipe in minutes and enjoy the perfect snack.
Steak on the BBQ and fries
Who doesn't want a good steak? It's time to get out the grill, because Warrior Blends has a delicious beef tenderloin recipe for you.
Warrior's Shepherd's Pie
Shepherd's pie is always good! But have you ever tried adding the Warrior Blends to it? Add a native twist to this culinary classic for a scrumptious result.
Warrior's Ramen Soup

Are you feeling in the mood to cook today? It would be the perfect time to make a Warrior's ramen soup!

Tomato and old cheddar croutons
Prepare this easy tomato and old cheddar croutons recipe, sprinkled with Bacon and Pepper Mix from The Warrior Blends. Perfect for any aperitif! Ingredients 4 juicy Italian tomatoes, sliced about ¼ inch thick ¼ cup olive oil 1 clove garlic,...
Salmon Tartar with Wonton Chips
This is the perfect time to enjoy a salmon tartar in the sun. Add an Aboriginal touch to yours with this recipe from The Warrior Blends, also including Bacon Pepper and La Scorbut hot sauce!
Crispy chicken burger
It's always better with The Warrior Blends! This surely will be the best chicken burger you've ever had! Here's how to prepare this delicious burger with aioli sauce and chipotle cream.
Burrata with olives and bacon
To enjoy the beautiful weather on the terrace, enjoy a Burrata with olives and bacon, with a special touch by The Warrior Blends.
Stuffed veal chops
The weather is nice and warm! It's time to prepare stuffed veal chops for the whole family, for an unforgettable first BBQ on the patio.
Nagano Pork Chops
When spring arrives, it’s always fun to try new recipes! Make a delicious meal of Nagano Pork Ribs spiced with The Warrior Blends for the whole family.
Bacon Pepper Western Omelette
Ingredients 2-3 eggs 1 teaspoon of water or milk Butter or vegetable oil Cheese (your choice) Pre-cooked ham Bacon and Pepper Mix   Directions Grate the cheese, to taste. Cut up small cubes of ham. Break eggs into a bowl...
Edamame Dip with Won-Ton crisps
Ingredients 1 cup cooked edamame 2 cloves of garlic 1 cup fresh cilantro 1 ripe avocado 1/4 cup plain Greek yogurt Lemon juice 1 jalapeño pepper 1 pack de won-ton Canola oil Traditional Blend   Directions Dip In the mixer,...
Mushroom and Bacon Pepper brunch
This winter, watch the snow fall from the comfort of your kitchen as you have fun making this scrumptious mushroom gratin and boreal Bacon and Pepper Mix brunch from The Warrior Blends.
Mushrooms and caramelized onions pizza
Tonight, it's homemade pizza, courtesy of The Warrior Blends! Have fun making this tasty mushroom and caramelized onion pizza recipe.
Shrimp, blueberry and La Scorbut hot sauce croutons
Ingredients 1 cup of small Matane shrimps 1/4 cup of blueberries from Lac Saint-Jean. 1 chopped shallot 1 small chopped and seeded jalapeño 1 tablespoon capers Fresh basil to taste Olive oil Salt and pepper to taste 2 tablespoons of...